Do I need special equipment to host a watch party in my home? You can watch the event via a desktop computer, laptop, I-pad/tablet, or cast to a TV. Whatever is easiest for you is what we recommend!


Where can I watch the online fundraiser? You will be emailed a special link before the event starts.


How many people do I have to invite to get the free t-shirt? You must have eight people register for the event to receive the free t-shirt. That means you plus seven other adults. 


Can I host a watch party with less than 8 people? Yes! You can host a watch party with less than eight people. Registration for guests will be available right up to the night of the event.


Do I need to provide food? Food is not required! Providing your guests with a relaxed distraction free environment where they can be encouraged by the life-affirming mission is top priority. We suggest you have water and or coffee available.


Are the watch party and the online fundraiser different? The online fundraiser is the video event your guests will be viewing at your watch party in your home on October 23. This allows you to enjoy fellowshipping together!


Can I attend the event even if I don’t host a watch party? Yes! Register on our website anytime before the event at Simply click on “Register For Virtual Fundraiser” and register yourself as a guest. You will then receive an email with a link to view the event on October 23. 


Who do I contact with questions? Stewardship Director, Christopher Welty, at 815-900-7335 or