We expect 200 women to seek Hope Life Center’s life-saving medical services this coming year, and we need your help to be able to serve them.

Over the past twelve months Hope Life Center has seen 143 women choose life for their unborn children. These are women, like Audrey, who may have made a different choice and suffered a lifetime of regret without the no-charge pregnancy options consultations provided for them by our ministry partners. 

When Audrey walked through the doors of our clinic, she was looking for “help with a difficult situation.” The “situation” was an unplanned pregnancy, and the “help” she was looking for was an abortion.


She was single and already had a toddler. Audrey was trying to finish school and didn’t think she could handle another baby. After hearing her baby’s heartbeat during the ultrasound, she shared, “I’m just not sure anymore.” Audrey was no longer confident that abortion was the best decision for her. When Audrey came back the next week, she was smiling and shared she had decided to keep her baby. Death had been transformed into life.

Every day, through partnerships with people like you, Hope Life Center is giving women like Audrey the knowledge they need to choose life for their unborn children.

Our goal is to raise $192,000 by Monday, November 2nd so that we can continue the mission of ending abortion one woman and child at a time. Would you be willing to make a monthly pledge of $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to give 200 women the opportunity to choose life? 

We don’t want to do this without you. Your partnership will change and save lives and bring us closer to our mission of erasing abortion from Illinois one woman and one child at a time. 

*Name and circumstances changed to protect patient confidentiality.