Did you know that roughly half of all U.S. pregnancies are unplanned? Having a baby is a big deal, for anyone, at any time, planned or unplanned. When bad timing, lack of support, or shame get into the mix, a pregnancy can start to look insurmountable. This is why 43% of unplanned pregnancies in our nation end in abortion.

What makes this tragedy even worse is the reality that women don’t want to have abortions. They have abortions because they feel trapped, they think it’s their only way out.

You can help pregnant mothers in your community by giving them back their freedom. The freedom to choose life.

For over 35 years, compassionate people like you have partnered with Hope Life Center to bring help to pregnant mothers. These mothers are given the gifts of seeing their developing baby through ultrasound and hearing their baby’s heartbeat for the first time. These services, provided at our clinics for free by people like you, have proven to help the women who are most at risk for abortion choose life.

Today, seven out of ten of the pregnant mothers who walk through the doors of a Hope Life Center clinic choose life. Every woman who walks through our doors is unlikely to walk through the doors of an abortion clinic. This is how generous people like you have helped 458 mothers find the freedom to choose life in the past five years. 

You can turn the culture of our state from death to life one woman and one child at a time. 


  • The abortion rate in the Sauk Valley surrounding our Rock Falls Clinic is now 30% lower that the average rural community in Illinois. You can partner with Hope Life Center to bring this abortion rate down to zero.


  • Hope Life Center’s new clinic in downtown Ottawa is strategically located a block away from Planned Parenthood. You can help make our Ottawa clinic the first choice for women in the Illinois Valley looking for help with an unexpected pregnancy.


  • You can partner with Hope Life Center to build a network of life-affirming clinics across Illinois that will reach pregnant mothers who are not yet finding the freedom to choose life.

Your gift will bring life-saving pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and pregnancy options coaching to pregnant mothers who are considering abortion.