As we all know by now, this year is anything but typical. For Hope Life Center this has meant seeing an unusual increase in the number of women seeking help with unplanned pregnancies and (here’s the good news) saving more lives than ever before.

Attend one of our upcoming fundraisers where this record-setting number of lives saved will be revealed and celebrated. It’s a big number! You won’t want to miss this special moment!


When Audrey walked through the doors of our clinic, she was looking for “help with a difficult situation.” The “situation” was an unplanned pregnancy, and the “help” she was looking for was an abortion.

She was single and already had a toddler. Audrey was trying to finish school and didn’t think she could handle another baby. After hearing her baby’s heartbeat during the ultrasound, she shared, “I’m just not sure anymore.” Audrey was no longer confident that abortion was the best decision for her. When Audrey came back the next week, she was smiling and shared she had decided to keep her baby. Death had been transformed into life.

Audrey represents many women we see everyday. Register for an event above to bring our life-saving services to more women like Audrey.