Becca* hadn’t had a home pregnancy test yet, but she was a mom and knew the signs. Having just removed herself and her children from an abusive relationship, an unplanned pregnancy was terrifying. After a Google search for ‘abortion options’, she saw an ad for Hope Life Center and made an appointment.

At Becca’s appointment, she couldn’t look us in the eye and kept talking about how embarrassing her situation was. Our patient team was gentle, but asked Becca to explain what was embarrassing. “I come from a religious family. I know this isn’t how things are supposed to be. I don’t know 100% who the father of the baby is, and on top of that I’m thinking about getting an abortion. This is so hard!” The patient team sat with Becca and let her say everything she needed to say. They were hopeful when she made a second appointment before leaving the clinic that day.

At Becca’s second appointment, she brought her sister with her. Becca and her sister sat down with the patient team, but this time Becca was confident. “I’m nervous and it’s not how I thought it would be, but things will work out. My family is being so supportive. The more I think about it, the more I’m sure I couldn’t go through with an abortion.” With support, time, and a safe space to process it all Becca found the freedom to choose life for her child!


Attend one of our upcoming dessert events where we will celebrate this life saved, and reveal the total number of lives saved in the Sauk and Illinois Valleys this last year! It’s a big number! You won’t want to miss this special moment!

Four ways for you to participate . . .

  1. Register as a guest. Join us in Dixon or Oglesby for a free evening of delicious desserts, mission updates, and stories of lives saved in your community!
  2. Become a table host. Commit to attending one of the fundraising desserts in Dixon or Oglesby, fill a table of 8, solidify your guest list and get it to us by April 11th.
  3. Pray for abortion to be erased from our community. Pray for this event to touch hearts and minds!
  4. Can’t attend but still want to invest in saving lives in your community? No problem. You can make an online donation here.

Come Celebrate With Us

Hope Life Center’s mission is to provide pregnant mothers with medical services, pregnancy decision coaching, and Christ centered support proven to help them find the freedom to choose life for their unborn children.

Because of you, safe spaces (like our clinics) have been open and available to women in your communities to help them find the freedom to choose life. 

In celebration of the lives you have saved, we hope you will join us for one of our free dessert events in April!