Walk for Vision

October 8

8:30am Registration

9:00am Walk

Downtown Dixon Riverfront

Walk with us toward the vision of zero abortions in the Sauk Valley

Can you envision a Sauk Valley with zero abortions?

Join us in making this vision a reality at our upcoming WALK for VISION.

This year we are working together with Gianna’s House in Rock Falls to make the WALK for VISION an event that will benefit our entire community. We’re excited to see the local body of Christ gather together in unity on one day to pray for abortion to end in our community, to gather resources to rescue women and children from abortion, and to provide material assistance to families who have chosen life.

Walk for Hope Life Center or Gianna’s House, the choice is yours.

If you choose to walk for Hope Life Center, 100% of the funds you raise will go to Hope Life Center to be used to rescue women and children from abortion. Register for Hope Life Center or sponsor a Hope Life Center walker.

If you choose to walk for Gianna’s House, 100% of the funds you raise will go to Gianna’s House to provide ongoing support to families in our community who have chosen life for their babies. Register for Gianna’s House or sponsor a Gianna’s House walker.

Put feet to your passion and participate in this year’s WALK for VISION!

Three ways for you to participate . . .

For Walkers

It’s easy to be a pledge-raising walker.

  1. Choose the organization you’re going to walk for and register to walk. Register for Hope Life Center or Register for Gianna’s House.
  2. Set a fundraising goal. You’ll want to check out our great prizes before you make your decision!
  3. Ask everyone you know to be a sponsor.
  4. Bring your pledge forms or a copy of your online pledge form with you to the walk on  Saturday, October 8th, 2016.
  5. Have Fun!

It really is just that easy! Check out the rest of the walker tabs for more information on being a successful walker.

We are so thankful for all of our WALK for VISION pledge-raising walkers. Every step you take and every dollar you raise helps to save the life of an unborn child. Thank you!

Check out these great prizes for the 2016 WALK for VISION . . .

Raise $300 – A WALK for VISION t-shirt









Raise $450 – A Fall Mum, plus all prizes listed above.

Fall Mum


Raise $600 – A box of steaks from Oliver’s Corner Market, plus all prizes listed above.

Box of Steaks


Raise $1,200 – Two tickets to the Life Saver Dinner Club and a WALK for VISION jacket, plus all prizes listed above.









Raise $2,400 – Your choice of a fitbit or bluetooth speaker, plus all prizes listed above.

Bose Bluetooth Speaker



  1. Choose the organization you will walk for and get registered. Register for Hope Life Center or Register for Gianna’s House.
  2. Create your own online fundraising website (after completing your online registration)
  3. Download a Pledge Form and print it out (see downloads tab); OR pick one up at your church. See Ambassador information below to find out how to get your church involved in the WALK for VISION.
  4. Start asking for sponsors: ask everyone you know! Friends, family, co-workers, EVERYONE! Simply commit to asking just one person a day to sponsor you, or set aside 10 minutes each day to ask for pledges. Did you know that you can raise $250 in 15 minutes by asking 15 people to pledge you $20; or by asking 20 people for just $15 each!?!
  5. Set a fundraising goal! Pick a prize you’d like to earn (or, aim high and earn multiple prizes), and go for it! Check out the “prizes” tab.
  6. Pass your pledge form around in your office, (if you are a child or teen, ask your parent(s) to bring it to their office for you).
  7. Remember that you DO NOT have to collect any money! We will invoice your sponsors AFTER the WALK for VISION! If anyone does give you money, just mark that they have paid on your pledge form and bring the money with you to turn in at the Walker Check-In on Saturday, October 8th, 2016!
  8. If you raise pledges online, be sure to print out your online fundraising page and bring it with you to the Walk to turn in at the Walker Check-In on Saturday, October 8th, 2016 – that way you’ll get the prizes you’ve earned that day!
  9. Also remember that if you will be out of town, or unable to join us at the Walk, you can walk on your own – anytime, anywhere – it all still counts! You will save babies. You will change lives. We will be grateful!
  10. Check out our FAQ tab for more information If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to Contact Us. If you’d like to volunteer for the walk, please email Carol at carol@hlcil.org!
  11. If you’ve already registered to Walk online and would just like to visit your online page and need the link, click here.
  12. If you haven’t signed up to walk yet, or you haven’t created an online page yet… you can Register Now and then create your own Online Fundraising Page here.
  13. Looking for more tips on being a successful walker? Check out these tips. Printout includes instructions for creating your own fundraising page, a sample email message, a brainstorm list to help you think of all the people you know, and lots of other great tips.

When is the WALK for VISION?

The WALK for VISION is Saturday, October 8th, 2016. Registration starts at 8:30 and the walk is at 9:00.

Where is the Walk?

The walk is along the riverfront in downtown Dixon. The address is:

Heritage Crossing, South Hennepin Avenue
Dixon, IL 61021

Get directions here

How far is the Walk?

Our WALK for VISION is an easy and short 2-mile fun walk! And it’s the most important 2 miles you will ever walk!

What if I can't walk on the day of the walk or make it to the walk location?

If you can’t walk on the day of our event, no problem! You can walk any day, anytime, anyplace – it still counts! Walk around your block, push a baby stroller with a friend, go roller-skating for life, walk to your mailbox 10 times… it all counts! Then just email, mail or fax your completed pledge forms to the Pregnancy Center and we will send you any earned prizes. – If you’re including any collected money, please do not send cash or change through the mail. Please convert it into a check made payable to Hope Life Center and send it that way. Thank you!

Do I have to belong to a Church group or Team?

You do not need to belong to a Church group or Team. We want everyone to be able to participate and there is absolutely no set requirement to walk, other than a heart to save babies and change lives!

What if it rains?

Rain or Shine we will still be walking – bring an umbrella! We’ll celebrate in the rain! If it’s a thunderstorm or other weather conditions concern you, please call (815) 625-5376 for a pre-recorded message; or visit us online at this website and we’ll have news of what to do if there are unexpected changes.

How do I get sponsors?

The best way to get sponsors is to simply ask everyone you know… family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, people at your gym, your clubs, and even people you know out of town! When you ask “Will you sponsor me as I WALK for VISION?” 9 out of 10 people will say “yes”.

Do I have to collect the money?

You do not have to collect the money. When your sponsor writes their name and address on your pledge form and selects an amount they would like to sponsor you at, the information is collected into a main database and then the Hope Life Center will send out a reminder pledge invoice to the sponsor’s address. They can return their donation with the invoice and it’s just that easy! All you have to do is turn in your pledge form (properly marked either paid or pledged), and we’ll do the rest! …OR, your sponsors can pay online at your own personal fundraising page that you’ve created through this site. If you DO choose to collect your pledges, or if someone wants to hand you their donation before the Walk, please hang on to it and bring it on Walk Day with your pledge form to turn in at the Walker Check-in table.

Where can I get more pledge sheets if I run out?

Pick up another pledge form at your church or download & print a copy here.

Is it a per-mile pledge?

All pledges are “flat” amounts; meaning the donation or pledge offered is the total amount. There is no per-mile fee or cost; and this is no fee to sign up or minimum to raise in order to walk either. And all donations/pledges are tax deductible!

How do I print my online sponsors?

The Sponsor List button in your Sponsors tab will give you a .pdf version of your list of sponsors that appears on your FundEasy page. You can print this list to use for collecting pledges and turn in on the day of the walk. You must be logged into your FundEasy page to see this option. For more information, visit the Fundeasy Site here.

Why have a WALK for VISION?

The WALK for VISION helps Hope Life Center provide the FREE services we offer to women in our community facing unplanned pregnancy in order to save the lives of unborn children and eliminate abortion from our community.

Who does WALK for VISION support?

When you WALK for VISION your steps WILL save lives! The funds raised at the WALK for VISION will help the organization you choose to walk for (Hope Life Center or Gianna’s House) reverse the abortion trend in our state by serving women in our community facing unplanned pregnancies with life-saving services and ongoing support for those families who choose life for their children.

Can I bring a friend?

Please bring friends and family! In fact encourage them to join you as a pledge raising walker. If one can do well, then TWO CAN do AMAZING! The Walk is always better with someone you know – then you’ll both be saving lives!

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome. But please remember there will be lots of people around of all ages. Pets need to be on a leash and well-socialized, this makes it nice for your pet, you and others at the event. Also please remember that you will need to clean up after your pet, so please bring necessary supplies.

Can I buy one of the WALK for VISION prizes?

Our prizes are offered as an incentive to raise pledges – they can not be bought (T-shirts included). Anyone who is interested in a prize can “self-sponsor” themselves to earn the prize. Example: The WALK for VISION shirt is a $300 prize level, sponsoring yourself for $300 would earn you an stylish shirt!

Are you running out of space on your sponsor form? No problem. Download and print an extra sponsor sheet here.

Looking for more tips on being a successful walker? Check out these tips for Hope Life Center walkers and these tips for Gianna’s House walkers. Printouts includes instructions for creating your own fundraising page, a sample email message, a brainstorm list to help you think of all the people you know, and lots of other great tips.

For Church Ambassadors

Our Church Ambassadors are our foot soldiers on the front lines!

The WALK for VISION is successful due to people like you who get others involved! The best way to promote the Walk is within the church – and we need your help! Would you consider becoming a Church Ambassador? You can be a Life Saver by volunteering for this short-term mission opportunity which includes:

  • Recruiting fundraising walkers at your church
  • Acting as Liaison between Hope Life Center or Gianna’s House and your church during the Walk season (Aug-Oct)
  • Promoting the walk in small groups, Sunday School classes, youth groups, women’s ministries, etc.
  • Setting up a table at your church with the WALK materials and help distribute them
  • Talking to your pastor about promoting the WALK for VISION from the pulpit and within the church
  • Using Bulletin Announcements and PowerPoint slides, etc. to promote the Walk in your church

We’ll equip you with all you need to represent the Walk. Contact Carol at 815.625.5376 or carol@hlcil.org to get signed up.

August 6

Ambassador Kickoff Breakfast 9-10am at the Loveland Building in Dixon


September 4              

Set up display table at church AND arrange to present in small groups


September 11

First bulletin announcement, Display WALK PowerPoint, AND keep handing out pledge forms


September 18

Second bulletin announcement, AND continue to hand out pledge forms


September 27

Third bulletin announcement, AND pastor speaks to congregation, Continue to hand out pledge forms


October 2                                    

Final bulletin announcement, Continue to hand out pledge forms, AND encourage walkers to complete their goals


October 8  

WALK DAY! Return all walk materials


October 24                                  

If not a walker, return all walk materials by October 23rd